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About The Olive Lady

The ‘Olive Lady’ grew up at the foot of Mt Olympus and was born with a passion for simple, wholesome food. Her connection to New Zealand began with her aunt who, having supported the resistance movement in Greece, married a kiwi soldier and settled in Wellington after the war. The Olive Lady’s curiosity about this country, and her desire to travel, eventually led her to New Zealand as a young woman. It did not take long for her to fall in love with the land, the people and her husband – a kiwi lad who couldn’t get enough of her Greek cooking! 

After struggling to find good quality antipasto products, she resolved to bring a taste of her homeland to our shores. In 1996 she established a food importing business with her husband, ‘Etheridge Trading Ltd’, and quickly became known locally as ‘The Olive Lady’. Today you will find her authentic Greek olives, extra virgin olive oil, and other delicacies under her own brand ‘The Olive Lady’. The Olive Lady is a proud kiwi, however she hasn’t lost any of her Greek charm. Traces of her Greek accent remain, second helpings are compulsory, and you never leave her home empty-handed! Kali Orexi!

The Olive Lady NZ
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